Allison & Brady

April 27, 2019Dripping Springs, TX

Our Story
How we met

The first time Brady ever remembered seeing me was when I was in 6th grade, he was in 5th, and he saw me riding my scooter down the driveway outside of my house. He had just moved from Round Rock to Belton, conveniently two doors down from me. All of the neighborhood kids would hang out together, riding bikes or playing soccer and baseball in the street. This is where it all began. We "dated" on and off throughout middle school. "Dating" for us back then consisted of us hanging out maybe once every three months, and barely speaking. We were always so shy and nervous around each other! We did however go to homecoming together one year. Once high school came along, we went our separate ways and never really crossed paths since we were in different graduating classes. That is until we ran into each other at my best friend Kendall's house during the summer of 2013. We had not spoken in five years. Brady had just graduated high school, and I had finished my freshman year of college at the University of Texas. He asked me to grab coffee a few weeks later and the rest is pretty much history!

The proposal

My family had booked a ski trip to Breckenridge back in the summer of 2017. Since the trip became official, Brady had told me he wouldn't be able to join us because of his busy work schedule. On Friday, December 15, 2017 Brady surprised me in Colorado in the middle of downtown Breckenridge. My family and I were leaving Breckenridge Brewery and on our way to dinner. Little did I know, I was being led directly to a meeting spot that Brady had coordinated with my parents. All the sudden he pops out of nowhere, gets down on a knee, and asks me to marry him! What a crazy surprise!

The Wedding

Saturday, April 27, 2019
4:00 PM
Ceremony and Reception
Canyonwood Ridge
250 South Canyonwood Drive, Dripping Springs, TX, USA